Antarctica:Image source:wikimedia Antarctica is the southernmost continent of earth mostly covered with ice (98%) and it's 5th largest of all. As Antarctica is not very friendly for human life it's mostly inhabited by marine animals like penguins, fur seals etc. Many Governments has research stations there and used for geological studies and researches. Although vastly ice-covered Antarctica holds some beauty in its icescape and there have been some beautiful photography from there.

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Antarctica is divided into regions not countries like all other continents on earth for obvious reasons. West and East Antarctica divide by Transantarctic Mountains. Western region is smaller and East Antarctica the larger part which consists of South Pole. Both of these regions are divided into different areas. More Geography_of_Antarctica. Some countries like Australia, Argentina, Chile, France, UK etc claim specific regions (territorial claims) of Antarctica for scientific and research purpose and those regions known as their specific country name territories. Russia and US also has their presence in Antarctica and maintains their own research centers. A biogeographic study of Antarctica by a research team has divided it into 15 different regiosn based on geography, geology, climate, flora and fauna of the ice-free areas. You can see it here.

Although not a popular destination, Antarctica has been visited by many people and still ongoing apart from expeditions and reasearch visits. So if you happen to be in the continent and would like to share information about the places you have visited, please do it by creating as page using the below web-link format.

Because, Antarctica has not been divided like other continent into countries, we follow the following format for the 'place' page. - paste the link in the browser's address bar after replacing the 'your-visited-area' with the name of your area and you can type away and add pictures etc. Please follow general guide in the home page when adding details to your 'Place'.

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