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Welcome to 'myPlace'

Thank you for visiting myPlace.wiki, a place where you can show and share your favorite, beautiful places in this world. All of us are scattered around this world and we all travel around or visit many places on our lifetime either popular or unknown to many of us. Most of the places around the world are mapped by Google or some other company and we share some information and pictures of beautiful places we see on social media or somwhere else. But there are places still unknown to maps, but known to some of you. But you can share any place in this world here as our aim and way of sharing is different to other media. The idea behind 'myPlace' wiki is also the 'sharing', but in detail with location map, tracking, pictures and much more and editable OR updatable by someone else who have more data/information. In short, myPlace.wiki is wiki (like Wikipedia) for places. So join us to build a database of places of this world. Below you will find a simple guide and the format to share your place/places. Let's begin the journey.

Enjoy your time with myPlace,
myPlace Team

NB: Please be mindful that myPlace is in its early development. Features are being added and issues getting fixed on the go.

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