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Thank you, I managed to get in and can now edit some screens and text. It may be useful to have a place to “chat” or to discuss some pages. Would you like to use this playground? Or would you prefer this by E-mail?

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My answer:

Here you can write your answer. Nice!

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My first suggestion is: “Have a look at the plugin called “Comment”
This way, you can add comments to your page about the layout, or position, or any other relevant items. It behaves like this:

/* this is a comment */
Or else the <hidden> </hidden> tag can be used (Bootstrap) default

Do you have a list of the current installed pluggings?

My thoughts:

  • Why should the sidebar (locations) be accessible for regular users? Maybe best to remove the link to the sidebar. It is reachable by going to the :sidebar in the address-bar of the browser.
  • Playground does not have to be reachable for users. Only for testing and trying pages. (To be verified)
  • Bootstrap template config:
    • Button animation on the right side is annoying (Personal taste)
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